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Yes, we can make a difference!


The Scoop...


The migratory monarch butterfly, known for its spectacular annual journey of up to 2,485 miles across the Americas, has entered the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ as Endangered, threatened by habitat destruction and climate change. 

Sucks, right ?  It does. 


But here's where the groovy part comes in:  this is literally a situation we can change!  While there may not be much the average person can do about overall climate change, there's absolutely something most of us can do about the habitat loss of monarchs.


I want to help put the power back in our hands and share and show how easy it is to provide monarchs what they need to make a comeback by creating a belt of crucial habitat: in your yard, at the office or on your balcony - from where you live all the way to Mexico!


This is gonna be easy, I promise!  Let's get started:

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