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Resources for your Backyard

I hope you'll find these links useful.  I'll keep these updated and add sites and businesses as I find them, or you share them!  The goal of these links is to give you more in-depth details and help you make your yard one that has a positive impact on the earth as well as your spirit!

Plant like the planet depends on it!  Be part of the greatest comeback on earth by simply stepping out your door and planting a garden for wildlife.  It's easy and we have everything you need. A division of The National Wildlife Federation (I'm a Habitat Ambassador for them!).

HOMEGROWN NATIONAL PARK™ IS A GRASSROOTS CALL-TO-ACTION TO RESTORE BIODIVERSITY AND ECOSYSTEM FUNCTION by PLANTING NATIVE PLANTS AND CREATING NEW ECOLOGICAL NETWORKS.  Our mission is to restore biodiversity and ecosystem function because every human being on this planet needs diverse highly productive ecosystems to survive.

The Community Backyards program focuses on rainwater runoff and its detrimental impacts on local water quality, streambank erosion, and localized flooding. Participants learn how to install rain barrels and plant rain gardens, along with an introduction to composting at home and the benefits of native plants and trees.  Rebates are available; this is a GREAT program to save money, improve your yard and do a good deed!

For more than 60 years, people like you have helped The Nature Conservancy protect nearly 65,000 acres of Ohio's lakes, forests, winding rivers and rolling hills. We’re building on that legacy and bringing people together to help solve today’s biggest conservation challenges from climate change and habitat loss to protecting clean water. Together we’re stronger!

Green Columbus is a volunteer-driven nonprofit dedicated to promoting sustainable living,
environmental education, and community involvement.

A family owned plant lover's haven, located in Marengo.  They carry all kinds of indoor and outdoor plants, including many native to Ohio varieties.

Scioto Gardens is a unique destination nursery where you can get the real dirt on locally grown native landscape plants from a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Since 1940, Oakland Nursery has been dedicated to bringing high quality plant material to central Ohio homes and businesses.  Check out their native plant section!

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