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The Stella D’Oro Daylily, that is! I have a couple bunches of these edible daylilies in my yard, and I like them just fine. Hybridized to be pest and disease resistant, these Buttercup yellow daylilies are literally everywhere in Columbus.

So what’s the problem? Good question! As far as a hardy and decorative flower goes, the Stella D’Oro is a great choice. But, if what you’re looking for is a great addition to your butterfly garden, then this tasty little happy flower is not for you. “Hybridized”, “hybrid” or “cultivar” can often mean that the flower does not possess the properties that you think: meaning there is absolutely no (or very little) nectar or pollen available for the butterflies and bees you wish to attract.

Overwhelmingly, I’m a big fan of planting native flowers, shrubs and trees. But, if any variety of daylily, Peony or any other non-invasive flower makes you think about dear old grandma, then by all means, plant it! But, if what you’re really after is to create a pollinator garden, then amongst those memory inducing other kinds of flowers, do a little research with a local nursery or the Almighty Google and find out what flowers are native to your area and plant those as well .

And on a side note, having mentioned “tasty”…. I am not an expert in foraging, so do your own research before you crunch munch your way through your garden. Not all flowers are edible.

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