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It's time to change the look of the suburban backyard!

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Hi!  I'm Cathy Tiffany and one of my passions is our backyard.    I love sharing it and helping others to see that your yard can be more than a patch of grass: it can be an oasis, an adventure and a haven for nature.  I discovered how to make the most out of our suburban backyard by creating nature spaces, garden spaces and peaceful places.   I'm a Habitat Ambassador for the National Wildlife Federation and do speaking engagements and yard tours to share my love and hopefully inspire others to carve out a place for nature where they live.  When I'm not on a backyard adventure, this is me:  full time hairstylist, happy wife, human mom, cat mom, traveler, photographer and chicken wrangler!  I can usually be found in my yard working, exploring or taking more pictures.

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